fredag den 31. december 2010


Darkness surrounding me
embracing me
making me blind on the outside
making me cold on the inside
a well known darkness
that makes me a stranger

He who brings the darkness
is an old friend of mine
he came to protect me
warn me about danger
keep me safe
and protect my heart
keep sure it couldn’t be broken

in stead he isolated me
the healthy suspicion we need to survive
got substituted with a suspicion toward everything
he brought a darkness so strong it makes shadows fall in the darkest night.

Last name noia, first name para
always sitting on my shoulder
whispering in my ear
"don’t trust them" "they a lien" "the will you no good" "they are using you" "you are not welcome"

He speaks louder than the voice who I hope tells the truth
still hope the truth is that people are good
but in the moment
I dare not to do anything else but obey him
so I stand alone
trust nobody
walk in the shadows
and isolates myself

grand him my self controle
let him lead the way
not because it makes me happy
but because I'm scared
to scared to take a chance

so i obay is every order
close my heart
look away
sit in the darkness
take the knife
say goodbye

but I am never alone
he holds my hand
and we walk away
into the night
me and my paranoia.

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