søndag den 28. april 2013

You are my heartbeat

I miss you so much it hurts 
How can I breathe when I’m drowning in tears?
 How can I move when my body feels dead? 
How can I see when my light is gone?

 Nobody understands how much it hurts 
Nobody understands how lonely I fell now 
Nobody understands how much you mean to me

 You make my heart beat and the sun rise 
You make the birds sing and the sun shine 

Now you’re gone there is nothing but darkness 
I move around, numb 
Like a shell with nothing inside 
Like a shadow of who I used to be
 But who I can only be with you by my side

 ‘Cause you bring light to the darkness 
You bring the happiness to my soul 
Your smile makes the world make sense
 Your body is home for my love 
Without the one to receive my love – my soul will not produce it 

Nobody can understand this love
 it’s just a dog – makes no sense to me 
 Cause you are my best friend and my heartbeat 
You give me unconditionally love 
 You never lie 
 You never manipulate or have secrete agendas
 You’re are the only one I trust 
You’re the only one I love so pure 

My world won’t move ‘till your back in my arms…

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